11 December 2009

We’ve got 200 Members! …and other news

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve now got 200 members. The great thing is that they’re all genuine because I’ve ruthlessly deleted the accounts of all the bots, spammers, Viagra salesmen and general nuisances who constantly invade the forum!

Things are looking pretty vibrant these days – with 203 members, 185 topics and 541 total posts. It’s really great to see that so many members are keen to share knowledge (I’ve highlighted a few interesting topics below). It’s also wonderful to see that we’ve got some regulars (hi to Pete and mvalenti especially). We’re also averaging almost 5000 page views per week, which makes me think that I’ll be upgrading the forum hosting package soon for the extra bandwidth.

The Mechanical Design NEWS! section is a new forum section (thanks to matt_decat for the suggestion). Please use this section to post interesting articles that are relevant to the subject of mechanical engineering / product design / industrial design.

It must be a bit frustrating for some members if they post a question and nobody answers it. Therefore, here’s a few that haven’t been answered yet. Perhaps you can offer an answer…

• Can anyone help Pete source an 8000N In-line Linear Actuator?
Wizardofid wants to know about die casting a pressure pot
Cyberking asks “Are there any jobs in China for British mechanical designers?
MechEngineer wants to know how to Calculate CREEP of a material
sachin.akp wants to know if “Link shape will matter for torque transmission
martindetuede wants to know about Mechanical improvement during rowing

Thanks to all the members who have posted some great material on the forum. Here are some links to one or two areas of the forum that you may find of interest:

* The Leisure Lounge – An ever-popular part of the forum. Indeed, the only internet pub for mechanical design engineers. Why not drop in for a beer? :)

* there is a great thread on robotics here
* An interesting article on Conformal Cooling For Injection Molding Application
* Some really useful links to good anthropometric data here:
* Show off your mechanical design work. I have added some examples of my own work in this new section. Please share pics and details of your own work too!

FINALLY - Tell us what you think!
Please use this thread to tell us what you think about the Mechanical Design Forum. Don’t be shy - I really value your feedback. After all, this is YOUR community, so I want everyone to feel entitled to have an input on how it’s run.

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