24 January 2010

Amazing robots

We have a popular thread about robots on the Mechanical Design Forum. Please visit it here:

Below are some of the highlights from that thread. There are some really incredible things out there!

1) Snake robot (Hirosi Fukushima Robotics lab, Japan)

Here is a link to an amazing video of this robot in action.

2) Big Dog (developed by Boston Dynamics)

Developed by the military, this robot is designed in terrain that's too rough for conventional vehicles. Watch the video below and read more about Big Dog on Wikipedia. Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BigDog

3) Real terminator robots of the future
A video with a mixture of science-fiction and science-fact. The boundaries between the two certainly seem to be blurring!

4) Monkey brain control
Not technically a robot as it's a cyborg, this amazing video shows that a monkey can control a cursor on a screen by the power of thought alone:

Please visit this thread for more amazing robots. If you've come across any other interesting robot videos, images, news articles etc, please contribute to the thread and share them with us!

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