07 October 2009

We've reached 100 members!

Here's a quck newsletter of how things are going at the Mechanical Design Forum...

Firstly, I'm pleased to announce that we've exceeded 100 members - actually at the time of writing, it's 110 members to be precise! The Mechanical Design Forum officially started just over 8 weeks ago, so we're averaging 14 new members a week right now. I'm also pleased to inform you that all forum members are 100% genuine - I have gone to great lengths to filter out the hundreds of spam-artists that artificially boost membership of many forums.


Here are a few special sections of the forum that you may find of interest. Some have been around for a while, some are relatively new, and some have been suggested by forum members.

* Manufacturers of mechanical parts - Use this part of the forum to recommend & discuss suppliers/manufacturers for mechanical components anywhere in the world.
* The legal and IP section - discuss patenting or any legal aspect of mechanical/product design.
* Employment opportunities - Please use this section to advertise if you're looking for work, or to post positions that are available.
* The Leisure Lounge (Off topic) - A popular part of the forum. Think of it as a pub for mechanical designers. Anything goes here!
* 3D rendering gallery - This is one of the most popular parts of the forum. Please use this section to show off your best work.

Got an idea for a forum topic? Please post your ideas here
A bit thank you to members stewlenox and Pete for their suggestions so far


Here are a few threads that have so far gone unanswered. Can you help with any of the following?
* Kenny82 need some help finding Adhesive backed washers
* josetorero wants to know How to calculate an agitated vessel?
* Peteneeds info on Anti-Microbial Coatings
* Wizardofid wants to know about die casting a pressure pot
* Kenny82 asks "Will India be the next China for manufacturing?"

FINALLY - Tell us what you think!
Please use this thread to tell us what you think about the Mechanical Design Forum. What can we do to make this a better or more successful place? Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.

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