18 April 2010

Forum Makeover!

I've been doing a spot of redecorating here this weekend :D I hope you all like the changes I've made. Please tell us what you think here and do please let me know if you have any problems or find any bugs. Below is a summary of the makeover:

1) New, more cheerful forum logo that doesn't take up half the page!
2) New toolbar in the header - you'll never get lost in the forum again! The toolbar gives instant access to "hot topics", "what's new?" (I.E. New postings), and a few other things including hotlinks to our LinkedIn group, Twitter and Blogger.
3) The entire forum has been widened slightly. Wider images can now be posted (max 700px wide)
4) A new favicon - a nice friendly "M" for "Mechaical Design Forum" (the little icon that appears in your browser bar). This has replaced original wacky, incomprehensible one.
5) Forum rules now written. Please read them!
6) An "About" page (accessible from the toolbar).
7) I've tidied up the header and got rid of some useless tools/links that nobody would ever use.

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