11 July 2009

Welcome to the Mechanical Design Forum BLOG!

Welcome to the first post of the mechanical design forum blog. This blog is intended to be a companion to the forum in that I can keep you posted on any important announcements and developments concerning it.

I also intend to use the blog to draw your attention to interesting areas of discussion & debate on the forum.

That's about it for now, folks! Below is some general blurb about what the mechanical design forum is all about

The Mechanical Design Forum is the online community for Mechanical Design Engineers

Please sign up to discuss any aspect of mechanical design. Here are a few examples of the current topics being discussed:
  • Manufacturing processes (injection molding sheet metal, machining etc)
  • DFA (Design for assembly)
  • Mechanical Design Jobs - in the UK, US, Europe, Asia
  • 2D CAD / 3D CAD
  • Thermal management
  • Industrial DesignLegal issues - design patents
  • Mechanical design jobs!
Please sign up to join in the discussion and to build a network of useful contacts & information sources.

Do you need a help with a mechanical design problem? Sign up at the Mechanical Design Forum where you can get advice from fellow members.


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